Dallas looks to expand club relationships

FCD wants young talent from South America's soccer hotbed


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To find talent you have to look for talent. That is exactly why
Dallas’ recently hired technical director Barry Gorman is currently in
Brazil, looking at players and also building relationships with a number
of top clubs.

FC Dallas head coach Schellas Hyndman
maintains that Gorman’s focus is not on older players who could command
Designated Player money, but rather the younger and less expensive
versions that could come to his club on loan in the future.

looking at maybe some young players instead of a Washington at age 34
who’d like to come to the league,” he said. “[Washington] is a proven
player with São Paolo right now, [he] is a fantastic player, but is
probably more of a DP-type of player. What about that Washington when he
was 19 or 20?”

On Thursday night, FCD host the Los Angeles
at Pizza Hut Park. In the Galaxy, Hyndman sees how invaluable
it is to tap into Brazil’s vast talent base.

“You’ll see when we
play LA that they have three players from São Paolo," said Hyndman.
"What they did is what we’re doing: identifying and maybe bringing them
on loan. So instead of them being loaned out to other clubs in Brazil,
they’re being loaned out to MLS teams.

Gorman’s list of visits
includes Atlético Paranaense, Internacional de Porto Alegre, Grêmio, São
Paolo, Palmeiras, Vasco de Gama and Fluminese. The types of players
Gorman must look for are clear: a goal-scorer who could come on for
newly signed Milton Rodriguez and a center back to fill in for Kyle Davies, who is still recovering from a
broken arm and a hernia surgery.

Above all, Hyndman wants
players with strong character that can play on both sides of the ball.
FCD have brought in a number of players from Central or South America.
With the recent addition of forward Rodriguez, FCD have added three
players from Colombia since Hyndman was hired in June 2008. The club has
also added one player from Honduras and another from Mexico.