What's in a name?

Ferreira's FCD teammates offer nickname suggestions


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Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

In his first year with FC Dallas, David Ferreira became a
fan favorite after an eight-goal, seven-assist performance that
earned him consideration for the 2009 MLS Newcomer of the Year. Not only do the FCD fans
appreciate his efforts to help their club return to the playoffs for the first
time since 2007, but his teammates also appreciate the affable Colombian.

arriving to Dallas, a number of fitting nicknames have been floated for
Ferreira. Mighty Mouse is one that has surfaced recently, as is “El Corazon”
(the heart, as in heart of the team).
Others have simply called him The Gnat because he’s so pesky and tough to get
rid of.

But the burning question is, what do his teammates think would be a great nickname?
Well, here are the results of a recent post-training straw poll.

One of the Three Stooges

call them (Benitez, Chavez and Ferreira) the Three Stooges because they hit
each other for any reason. They do this (flick ears) and hit each other.” ---Goalkeeper
Dario Sala


“Penguino, he runs like a little penguin.” ---Defender
Anthony Wallace

The Pest

“He’s a pest. He’s always busy behind teams. It’s
tough for teams to follow him. He’s always creating chances. He creates chances
out of half situations. He’s always around stirring up things with the other
team and making it difficult for them to defend.” ---Defender Heath

El Torito (The Little Bull)

“El Torito because he’s small and strong. Bulls are
big but he’s strong. You can’t knock him off the ball. He is strong even though
he’s small. He’s also got some attitude.” ---Defender Ugo Ihemelu

like Little Bull (“El Torito”) because he’s so small. He’s fast. He’s really
strong and fast. Because the players here are so tall, he has a little bit of
an advantage because he can hold the ball longer and dribble between the
defenders.” ---Defender and close friend Jair Benitez

would say the Little Bull, El Torito. He’s so strong and powerful. He’s also
like a gnat. You just can’t get him off of you. ” ---Head coach Schellas

quite a unique player. The Little Bull is kind of fitting. You look at his low
center of gravity and how he’s built. He’s really built kind of stocky. You
notice he’s really tough to knock off the ball. He rarely gives up possession
for us. He’s kind of that outlet for us. I think his speed is also deceptive.
He’s deceptively fast and makes this little move where he baits guys in and
just accelerates by them.” ---midfielder Dax McCarty

like the Little Bull. He’s just small, stocky and runs. He just bulldozes
people. He reminds me of a bull when he’s running away from you.”  ---midfielder
Eric Avila

like that one (the Little Bull). I would call him annoying (if I was playing
against him). I’d hate to play against him. Bull is good.” ---midfielder Brek