Homegrown Player Initiative

MLS Youth Development Proposal

  • To incentivize teams to invest in the development of top young players in their market
  • To provide greater local input and diversity to MLS player development programs
  • To raise the level of play in the League
  • To connect MLS teams with their with local communities more effectively by becoming the aspirational focus for young players in local markets and by having local products playing for the first team

Eligible Players

  • All players on a team’s Homegrown Player list must have resided with their parents in a team’s “Home Territory” for at least 1 year prior to placement on a team’s Homegrown Player List, subject to the Non-Home Territory exception below
  • Once a player enters a four year college, he cannot then be added to a team’s Homegrown Player List, he must have been on such team’s list prior to entering college

Home Territory (subject tochange based on expansion)

  • Dallas: Within 75 miles of the team’s training facility & all of TX north of DFW