Red Friday Frisco

Red Friday Frisco

Red Friday Frisco is an FC Dallas community initiative designed to benefit the residents of Frisco. On Fridays preceding a weekend home match (16 Fridays in 2014), we will be working with the City of Frisco, over 500 Frisco Partner Businesses, FISD, Frisco HOAs, Frisco Soccer Association and many more to paint the town red. Our first Red Friday was on Friday, March 7 as a lead-in to the FC Dallas 2014 home opener at Toyota Stadium on Saturday March 8 vs. the Montreal Impact, presented by AdvoCare.  

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Over the course of the year you'll see the following become integral parts of this new Frisco tradition:

  • On Red Fridays, over 500 Frisco business partners will hang Red Friday Frisco flags in their store locations to remind you of the home match that weekend
  • Fireworks will be shot off from the south of Toyota Stadium every Red Friday
  • FC Dallas youth soccer clinics will be held within Frisco HOAs at no cost to the association residents
  • All Frisco residents will receive various ticket, merchandise and special experience discount offers for the match that weekend
  • Participation with the Frisco Public Library Summer Reading Program
  • Facebook and Twitter messages with specific game information for the match that weekend will be sent and communicated by many Frisco entities
  • FISD will have different levels of involvement and participation in local schools

Our hope is that everyone in Frisco will embrace Red Friday Frisco as a community celebration, facilitated through your hometown Major League Soccer team and world-class facility, Toyota Stadium and Toyota Soccer Center. 

If you have any ideas or questions, or simply want to be involved with Red Friday Frisco as a local business and/or Frisco resident, please contact the FC Dallas front office at