Dallas Football Elite

Dallas Football Elite (The DFE) is in their 4th season as an official supporters group for FC Dallas, with 160 members and counting. The DFE sits in “The Snake Pit” or section 103 behind the away side, providing the perfect location to heckle the opposing team, creating a hostile environment. 

The DFE embraces and supports the away colors for FC Dallas. This helps to signify their membership in the group, recognize each other, and find solidarity in the way they support FC Dallas. As an added bonus, DFE also partners with local bars and pubs for gathering spots for members before and after matches. Wearing the DFE Blue at these locations allows you to take advantage of the beer and food specials offered only to DFE members with ease. Prior to matches, you can find the DFE pre-matching in the back bar room at Jakes Burger Frisco.  

The DFE is open to all ages and anyone who wants to STAND, CHANT, and HECKLE, in section 103! Wear Blue and join the Famous DFE!


Dallas Beer Guardians

If you have ever stepped inside Toyota Stadium during a match, you will have heard the Dallas Beer Guardians AKA DBG. Residing in the west side of the Budweiser Beer Garden in the North End of the stadium, they stand, jump, chant and sing for the full 90+ minutes to provide the boys the home atmosphere they deserve, regardless of the outcome on the pitch. Their motto, Sanguinem Sudorem et Cervisiae (loosely translated to, "Blood, Sweat and Beer"), embodies everything they do for their home club: bleed FC Dallas Red, sweat under the oppressive Texas sun and though not all of their members imbibe, most enjoy their favorite brews as they toast to three points



Lone Star Legion

Lone Star Legion is an independent supporters collective for FC Dallas.  Our goal is to create an atmosphere in support of our club on game days, either home or away.  Membership is free, and to become a member just show up and lend your voice for the boys on the pitch. We have members around the stadium, but we invite you to join us near the far east side of the Budweiser Beern Garden.

By being a collective group, our members have the unique ability to guide the group in its decision making process.  In our support we use many different styles from all over the world. We use chants from England, and Latin America as well as tifo from eastern European countries.

We all have different styles of supporting our club, but the one thing that binds us together is our love for FC Dallas. Lone Star Legion acts as an umbrella group that looks to incorporate other groups to create a fusion of massive support for FCD.

We want to hear from you, and we want you to be represented. Hang your banners, and share your ideas with us because we want to put them into action.


El Matador

El Matador is one of the oldest active FC Dallas supporters groups and the only one that actively chants in both Spanish and English. Located at the top of "seccion 117", El Matador drums, chants and sings for 90 minutes at every FC Dallas match as well as creating flags, banners and tifos in support of Oscar and the boys.

El Matador tailgates in the northeast grass lot before every game and invites all to join. Membership is free and all you need to do is bring your voice and two arms to waive a flag.

Fiesta con todos!



Red Shamrock

Created in January of 2012, Red Shamrock is a group of passionate FC Dallas fans that call Section 101 home. Their mission is to provide a passionate, safe and fun environment for Supporters with children to have fun and learn more about the "supporter culture." They welcome people from every walk of life to join in their positive support of FC Dallas. They're a Family Friendly section, language is kid-friendly and they encourage parents to bring their children. They're active supporters that sing, chant, wave flags and scarves and love FC Dallas! SING LOUD-SING PROUD!