FC Dallas - 12 Days of Christmas

Thank you to all who participated in our 12 Days of Christmas trivia challenge! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from FC Dallas.


Day One question: Who scored the first two goals in FC Dallas Stadium history? A: Carlos Ruiz

Day One winner: Jason Adams [Two (2) AdvoCare T-Shirt Jerseys]

Day Two question: Who scored the first-ever playoff goal for the club? A: Gerrell Elliot against Kansas City in the 21st minute

Day Two winner: Matt Wineinger [Poster signed by Jair Benitez, Fabian Castillo, DF10, Hernan Pertuz]

Day Three question: Name three players who have scored 4 penalty kick goals in a season for FCD A: Cunningham, Ferreira, Cooper, Damian, Kreis

Day Three winner: Steve Williams [Three (3) Small Cancer Kicks t-shirt]

Day Four question: What year did David Ferreira have the highest assists per game of his career? A: 2012 (0.57, best in franchise history)

Day Four winner: Jason Stevens [One Daniel Hernandez autographed captain's armband]

Day Five question: Which field player holds Dallas' franchise record for most minutes played in a single season? A: Jason Kreis (2,815 in 1999)

Day Five winner: Shelby Weaver [Two FC Dallas adidas t-shirts]

Day Six question: Against which MLS team has Dallas won the most playoff games? A: LA Galaxy (4-4-0)

Day Six winner: Kylee Addington [Team-signed scarf]

Day Seven question: What was the score of the first-ever Dallas Burn game? A: 1-0 (Regulation ended 0-0 with the Burn defeating the San Jose Clash 2-1 in penalty kicks)

Day Seven winner: Bryan Esmaili-Doki [Three FC Dallas Foundation coin purses]

Day Eight question: Name three Dallas players (past and/or current) who have been selected to the annual MLS Best XI team. A: Brek Shea, David Ferreira, Jeff Cunningham, Kenny Cooper, Ronnie O'Brien (2), Oscar Pareja, Jason Kreis, Mark Dodd, Leonel Alvarez

Day Eight winner: Kevin Banker [Two blue FC Dallas lunch boxes]

Day Nine question: Who holds the club record for most goals scored in a single game? A: Jeff Cunningham (Four goals against Kansas City on August 1, 2009)

Day Nine winner: Victoria Elderfield [One FC Dallas scarf and one FC Dallas beanie]

Day Ten question: Name three of the top five goalscorers in club history. A: Jason Kreis, Kenny Cooper, Jeff Cunningham, Carlos Ruiz, Ariel Graziani

Day Ten winner: German Rubio [Team-signed FC Dallas flag]

Day Eleven question: Name two of the three players in club history who have scored two goals in a single playoff match. A: Dante Washington, Carlos Ruiz, Ariel Graziani

Day Eleven winner: Seth Stricherz [One FC Dallas scarf and one FC Dallas beanie]

Day Twelve question: Who is the youngest player in club history to play in a Major League Soccer match? A: Eddie Johnson [17 years, 42 days old]

Day Twelve winner: Cian Brown [Team-signed FC Dallas ball]