Downloadable FIFA 14 FCD Chants

For all you FC Dallas FIFA 14 gamers out there, we've got a cool treat!

Our fantastic supporters teamed up with the drumline from Dynamic Rhythm Entertainment to create a playlist of the FC Dallas chants you hear every home game at Toyota Stadium.

You can download these chants and hear them every time you pop FIFA 14 into your Xbox 360 and play with your favorite team, FC Dallas!

Here are the instructions:

Xbox 360

  1. Download the chants below to an audio CD, NOT a data CD.
  2. Load a music CD into the console disc tray. The music player starts automatically.
  3. Select Rip CD.
  4. Select the songs you want to copy to the hard drive, and then select Rip CD
  5. Once this has finished your chants will be ripped onto your hard drive.
  6. From here you  must create a playlists of the chants to apply to teams in game.


  1. Head to “Customize FIFA” and select “my music and chants” then “custom music and chants”.
  2. Scroll down to leagues and teams.
  3. Highlight the game event you’d like to assign custom audio for, press A then select the playlist you’d like to assign.
  4. Use RB and LB  to quickly navigate between teams.
  5. Back out to the main menu to save.

(Instructions came from &

Below are two separate playlists of FC Dallas chants(download button is on the bottom left corner of the embedded audio). The first downloadable audio is a continuous four-minute track of FCD chants that will play continuously. The second downloadable audio is a playlist that has each individual chant cut up separately so the chants that play will be randomized.